Saturday, September 1, 2012

Milestone Birthday Card

This cute card is easy to make.  Simply fold a piece of card stock in half.  Use stencils or freehand the recipients age and an exclamation point on fun paper.  Cut out and attach to the card with a glue stick.  If you are using dark paper, glue a lighter piece of paper on the inside so you can write in the card.  Like I said, easy and cute!

Glass Marble Candle Holder

This project is super easy!  I got a vase from Goodwill for $1 (every time I'm there they have a ton to choose from).  I got glass marbles with flat backs from the dollar store (two bags for $1 each).  I simply used hot glue to attach the marbles to the vase, put a tea light in the bottom, and I was done!