Tuesday, February 19, 2013

S'more Bites


- Graham crackers
- Mini-marshmallows
- Wilton's chocolate melts
- Vegetable shortening (optional)
- Sprinkles (optional)


- Melt chocolate according to package directions.  If the chocolate seems too thick for your preference add a small amount of vegetable shortening until it is the desired thick/thinness.
- Break graham cracker sheets into fourths along the perforated lines and place on parchment paper.
- Dip half of a mini-marshmallow and place on a graham cracker fourth (the chocolate will "glue" the marshmallow to the cracker).  Repeat until you have 3 marshmallows on each graham cracker.
- Drizzle chocolate onto each cracker in your desired pattern.  I used a squeeze bottle which made this step very simple.
- If desired, add sprinkles before chocolate drizzle hardens.

Flip it:

- Make for any occasion by changing up the color of the sprinkles!
- Try using cinnamon graham crackers!
- Try using chocolate or other flavored marshmallows!
- Use any color or flavor of Wilton's melts to decorate!