Monday, August 13, 2012

Men's Neck Tie Clutch Purse

 Front and back view of the neck tie clutch

I got two cool neck ties from Goodwill because I had been wanting to attempt to recreate a neck tie clutch that I saw on Etsy.  I couldn't find a tutorial that I liked on Pinterest, so I made up the neck tie part on my own, then found an awesome tutorial to follow from there.  

To make the fabric for this clutch out of the neck ties, I opened the ties up from the back using a seam ripper and removed the linings.  I then ironed out the fabric to remove the seam lines from the ties.  I lined up the ties going in opposite directions (thin-end to wide-end), with the right sides of the ties facing each other, pinned, and sewed with a 1/4" seam.  Depending on the size of the clutch you want to make, you may need more than two ties to get a large enough piece of "fabric."

Once I had my fabric ready, I followed this great link, and was pretty happy with the final result!  

I originally intended to make a clutch that retained more of the original men's tie shape in the purse, so I think I am going to attempt another one in the future and not iron out the seams, and instead sew along them.

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