Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Colonial Cupcake Cones

Colonial Cupcake Cones

Ingredients & Materials

16 cake cones
1 box white cake mix
12 oz. diet 7up (one can)
2- 12 oz. tubs of white frosting
Red & Blue Pop Rocks
Red & Blue food coloring
16 Cupcake liners
Cupcake pan
3 Bowls
3 Spoons

I made 16 cones with these ingredients; you may have more/less depending on how much batter you put in each.

Tip: The cones are best eaten the day you make them.  When the cones are stored with the cake in them for too long, the cones get soft from the moisture in the cake.



Combine diet 7up with a box of white cake mix (don't add ingrediants listed on box).  Mix together until smooth.  Put about 1 1/4 cups of cake batter in three separate bowls (or an even amount of mix in each bowl).  Add red food coloring to one bowl and blue food coloring to another bowl until desired shades are achieved; leave the third bowl white. 
Line your pan with cupcake liners.  Place a dollop of blue cake batter in each liner.  (I used a heaping tablespoon of each color.)  Gently push the blue cake batter with a spoon until it reaches the edges of each liner.   Next, gently put a dollop of white cake batter on top of the blue cake batter.  Again, gently push the white cake batter until is reaches the edges of each liner; don't push down or it will mix with the blue, just lightly push to the sides.  Finally, put a dollop of red cake batter on top of the white and again gently push it until it reaches the liners.  Keep in mind that when all three colors are in the liner you want them to be about 2/3 full; mine that had less mix actually turned out a little better because the cake didn't rise over the sides of the cone.  Also, I wouldn't put the red and blue next to each other because if they do mix a little, you will end up with some purple cake.  Finally, gently put a cone on top of each cupcake.
Bake the cupcake cones at 350 for about 18 minutes (or until done; I stuck a toothpick gently on the side of the cone until it came out clean).  Make sure to periodically check the cupcakes to re-center the cones as they may shift slightly as the cake bakes.
Let the cupcake cones cool completly.  The liners will peel off more cleanly when they are cooled.  The liners actually look pretty cool! 

Frost each cupcake with plenty of frosting and then sprinkle each with blue and red Pop Rocks for an explosion in your mouth!  I cut one open so you could see what they look like inside
Flip It!
Make just the cupcake without the cone!
Make the cake batter different colors for different holidays!
Use sugar cones instead of cake cones!
Top cones with different fun candies!
Double the recipe because these are yummy!

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