Sunday, July 8, 2012

Birthday Candle Card


Birthday Candle Card


5- 3"x5" pieces of paper
5- 1" pieces of string
Blank white card
White school glue
Marker or stamps




Along the inside of each piece of paper, glue a piece of string.  Be sure to leave a small piece overhanging for the "wick." Roll each piece of paper, starting at the end with the string, and working until the piece is entirely rolled.  Apply a thin line of glue along the inside of the paper to keep it rolled.  Once you have all of your "candles" ready, apply another thin line of glue along the paper seam and attach to your blank card.  Hand-write or stamp a message on your card.



Make one BIG candle for a 1st birthday!
Make the number of candles equal to the age of the recipiant!
If you're not very crafty or to save time, just use real birthday candles!

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