Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine Heart Wreath


- 3 Packs Dollar Tree Heart Boxes (10 per pack)
- Wire Hanger
- 5" Matching Ribbon
- Hot Glue Gun
- Silver Glitter Spray Paint (optional)


- Bend hanger into a heart shape.
- Start gluing boxes onto hanger in desired pattern.  When you get to the last few boxes, fit them on first to ensure they fit and cover hanger, then glue into place.  You may have a few boxes left over.
- Lightly spray wreath with glitter spray for a little simmer.
- Loop ribbon and hot glue to back of the middle heart.

Flip it!

- Make a smaller wreath in each color and use to hang on a wall!
- Make a circle wreath! (Original Idea (circle shape).)
- Cover boxes with fun fabric and modge podge!

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